To  fulfill  The Great Commission.  ( Matt 28 : 19 & 20 )

  • Go and make disciples of all nations, baptisizing them in the  name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit
  • Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Mission Statement

  • To partner with Local Churches and Ministries in church planting and reaching out to non-believers
  • To provide opportunities for brothers and sisters on mission exposure and labor together with God’s servants in the mission field
  • To allow God to mould us in body, spirit and soul, growing into useful vessels for Master’s use
  • Through the field ministries experiences, God can reveal the gifting in Brother and sister thereby realizing their potential in service to the body of Christ

How It Got Started?

It was during the Oct 2010 Leadership Retreat at Changi, the Mission Team expressed the desire for the Church to involve in Overseas Mission works. Church should be more selective in giving financial support mission organization in the future. Fund should be diverted to support Overseas Mission. The team believed this passive mode has hindered the growth of the Church, even though the Church has been blessed by many good sermons from the pulpit and many evangelical out reach activities.

It’s the believe, the season has arrived to step out in faith to fulfill “ The Great Commission the Lord has entrusted upon the Church, and be blessed through involvement in His Kingdom Ministries. The Leadership was supportive to the suggestion, and hence commissioned a Task Force – Bro Hock Seng, Ding Ling Cheng, Lu See Ming and Sis Teh Chin Chin to study the matter further.

There were several meetings amongst the Team members with regard to suitability of mission work in Batam, Indonesia; East Malaysia; Johore and Thailand; and it was through Bro Hock Seng networking with other Mission organistaion and consultation with several Evangelists and Missionaries that the team propose to partner with a Singaporean Missionary, Bro Daniel Giam’s  Sparrows and Lilies Ministries in Mae Sot, Thailand.

On Dec 2011, Bro Hock Seng & Bro Ding made the trip to Mae Sot together with Bro Daniel to visits few mission projects where ECOS could be involved. Our brothers  return from Moe Sot and shared many encouraging testimonies of the works of the God in mission field and the faithfulness of His Servants laboring in the mission field and later to the Sunday congregation. The feedback  from Church members were very encouraging & supportive to the post-mission trip report.  After much discussion and elaboration within the Committee, the Leadership agreed to the recommendation by theMission Team in partnership with Sparrows and Lilies Ministries to support

a)   New Generation Covenant Bible School

b)   44 KM Phrop Phra Learning Centre

c)    Maela Refugee Camp Heaven Home

Sparrows & Lilies Ministry

Bro. Daniel Giam is a Singapore citizen and has been serving in a local church and Community Service for several years. In 2001, God opened door to mission exposure in Sangkhlaburi, Northern Thailand. He has been in and out of Singapore and Thailand between 2001 – 2007 doing Church planting and in the later two years, he got the help of a young Karen Bible School student to start a village school for the children until 2007, he handed over the school to a Christian NGO to build on the  ministry .

In Aug 2008, a Burmese-Australian pastor Philip asked Daniel to start a new ministry among the Burmese. And with the help and advice from Pastor Philip, Daniel started the Sparrows and Lilies Ministry. It is a faith and self-supporting ministry which depends on God’s provision. The ministry is involved in Evangelism, Church Planting, Children Homes and Learning Centre. Daniel raised fund to support various ministries in Mae Sot – 4Km Phrop Phra Learning Centre, New Generation Covenant Bible School, Malae Refugee Heaven Home, Light of Love Church and Heavenly Home.

New Covenant Generation Bible Training Centre

The  Bible School was started 13 years ago in Burma by Pastor Ar Ler. He shifted the school from Nupoe village to MaeSot town in June 2011. The Bible School started with 3 month Disciple Training and in 2014 the training is upgraded to 6 month Disciple Training to better equip them for church planting and mission works. The students come from various part of Burma. The Centre provides food and accommodation to the disciples.

Full mission’s report: bible training ctr_Report._Apr-Jun14.1





44 Km Phrop Phra Learning Centre

Bro Daniel started the Learning Centre in Feb 2011. The Centre caters  to the need of Burmese children from nearby villages whose parents work as farmer for the Thai plantation owners. On Sunday they conduct Sunday School for the Hmong Burmese children and other children, and in the afternoon, a Worship Service for the Burmese and Hmong people.

Pastor Timothy is assisted by 4 teachers and domestic helper. The premise can accommodate 80 – 110 children and living quarter for the staff.

Full mission’s report: 44km MissionReport_Apr-Jun14.1





Ps Timothy & coworkers L-R: Untie, May Okhine, Wai, Phu Hnee Phwe, Saya Zechariah, Pastor Timothy


Maela Refugee Camp Heaven Home

Pastor Paul Shan ministered in Shan State, Burma before responded to God’s call to move his family with young children  to Malae Refugee  Camp ( border of Burma / Thailand ) managed by the United Nation for the replaced ethnic Burmese. Bro Daniel met Pastor Paul Han & Hom in 2008. He helped to raise fund for Pastor Paul to start a Nursery Centre ( Heaven Home in early 2009. The Heaven Home is managed by Paul’s wife, Hom and assisted by 4 teachers. The Centre provides nursery class in the morning to 60 – 70 children, and conduct primary school class to 30 children in the afternoon.

Full mission’s report: MaelaRC Report.Apr-Jun14.1

maela-1 maela-2 maela-3

Sis Hom & Co-workers.  Front L-R : Naw Wah Wah, Dah Eh, Har Mwee, Hkaw San and Hom(Pastor Paul Shan’s wife). Back L-R : Mi Eh Paee, Eh Moo and Saw May Wah


Pastor Paul Shan with children


New Jerusalem Youth Ministry in Mae Sot

In June 2013, Pastor Paul started the Jerusalem Youth Ministry in MaeSot for youth and Nursery . The Centre provides biblical teaching, food and accommodation to them. And at the same time, liaising with NGO Skill Connect Centre to upskill the youth  for employment. The centre is taken care by two Assistant Pastors and teachers.

Full mission’s report: NJM Report.Apr-Jun14.1

newj-1 newj-2 newj-3

Light of Love Church in Tai Seng

This work started in Sep 2010 in Tai Seng area ministering among the Burmese working in the Thai garment, footware and leather goods factories. Pastor Ar Tee received a monthly support from OMF ( a Church planting mission ) and Bro Daniel. Its congregation is about 50 – 60.


Heavenly Home   ( Search for You tube video: Heavenly Home Mae Sot )

Thanzin and Lily gave up well-paid jobs in Singapore to travel to Mae sot and established the Heavenly Home, orphanage  in 2001. They are Baptist, and he is a Baptist Pastor. The Heavenly Home takes in children from Mae Tao clinic where they are left by their poor parents and some of them are orphans, many of these children have medical problem.

The Centre run as an orphanage of 50 and function as Day Care of 30 children the lower income Burmese working parents. The age of resident children varies from 1 yr plus to young teens. The Centre also sponsored them to attend Thai Government School.

heaven-1 heaven-2

Mission Committee

In the view to provide continuity and to sustain the mission ministry, a Mission Team was  formed mid 2013 to look into the planning and seek God in the future direction of Mission works.  It aims to review the present mode of mission involvement and seek to furtherance and  pass on the knowledge and experience of  ECOS Youth and Sunday School ministries to the mission partners.  And how to provide enriching and life changing experience by active participation in mission.

Mission Team comprises of

Pastoral –  Tee Hock Seng

Mission Coordinator – Lu See Ming

Member – Leow Hwa Beng, Daryl Cheong, Hoon Sze Siang

Fund Raising Activities

In order to raise the awareness and support of brothers and sisters to the Mae Sot mission, the Mission Team got the endorsement of Church Committee to set up a mission Offering Box to collect the love offering for the Mae Sot mission works. The Mission Box started in Oct 2012 placed in sanctuary #04-06. Separately, brothers & sisters also organized selling of home-baked cookies, and wooden handbags to raise fund for the mission trip. The collection & proceed is used to for Love Gifts & Financial Support to God’s Servant in the various Mission Ministries.

Scope of Ministry in Mae Sot Mission Trip

a)     Sharing of  Testimony – Salvation /  Edification  ( selected testimonies ?  )

b)    Bible Teaching at New Generation Covenant Bible Centre

c)     Bible teaching  for Youth at New Jerusalem Ministry

d)    Pulpit preaching & exaltation

e)     Children ministry

i)         Teaching the love of Jesus through games, art and craft

ii)        Distribution of love gift & food to children


Mission Foot Print Mae Sot

44km Phrop Pra Learning Centre & Mission House, Rubbish Dump, Heavenly Home, Malae Refugee Camp ( Heaven Home ), New Jerusalem Youth Centre, Love of Light Church and Mae Sot Grace Church.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 3.43.18 PM

Mae Sot District (source : )

Mae Sot is a border town between Burma and Thailand situated north-west of Thailand and it takes 8 hrs. by coach journey from Bangkok and about 1 hr 15 min. by air from Bangkok to Mae Sot.

The town is part of the larger Tak District is the main gateway between Thailand and Burma. The neighboring districts are Mae Ramat, Mueng Tak and Phop Pra in the north. The Moei River serves as a natural border between Mae Sot and Burmese town of Myawaddy. The Thai-Burma Friendship bridge is the primary gateway for trades with Burma.

This town, approximate 120,500 population ( 2008 census). It has substantial population of Burmese refugees and economic  migrants. It’s estimated over 100,000 exist in addition to 106,000 already recorded in official census. The refugees are the ethnic mix of Burmese, Karen and Hmons.

The growing refugees situation has attracted NGOs and International Aid Agencies to set up programmes in the town and in the surrounding areas. There are 5 large United Nation Refugee camps lodge by mostly the Karen and other tribes of 135,000 registered refugees. The largest is Mae La, near Tha Song Yang, about 60Km north of Mae Sot which houses 20,000 – 25,000.

Ma Sot has a established market for wholesales gems and teak. Burmese migrants worked in the garment, footwares and leather goods factories throughout the regions.

Mae Sot Town Map

To be advised

Geographical Location of Mae Sot ( North West of Bangkok ), Thailand


Mae Sot Mission Trip

1st Mission Trip  – Dec 2011  ( 2 adults went on fact finding trip )

2nd Mission Trip – Dec 2012 ( 4 adults )


3rd Mission Trip – Jun 2013  ( 5 adults )


4th Mission Trip – Dec 2013 ( 6 adults)


5th Mission Trip – Jun 2014 ( 17 in total : 12 adults & 5 children )



Photos & Video of the Mission Trips ( Memorable Moments )


1S1140016 S1140015


6th Maesot Mission Trip ( 9 – 15 June 2016 )

BibleSch.21stbatchDusciplesip BS.Ecos.presentation HH.StoryTelling NJM.Ecos,presentation OvercomerDiscpleTS 5Loaves2Fishes 6thMissionTrip.9-15June16 44km.Art.Craft

Update –  Maesot, 44km Children Centre conducted 3 days children camp for Burmese childrenb5d964a4-9b60-4831-9cbb-8566375857b3 ffce6742-019d-442c-8097-e9dcfee137c0 f2937c86-a77c-4753-90a4-a8d8223becab 98eafa9a-2789-46e5-85e1-011f1954b488Mission20180818_01 Mission20180818_02 Mission20180818_03