Since 1970 

The Emmanuel Church of Singapore (ECOS) was originally registered as “The New Testament Church of Singapore” (NTC) on 13 July 1970 with its registered address at 356A Geylang Road. In Aug 1971, NTC moved to a rented 4th storey private apartment at 24C Cavan Road, off Lavender Street where it conducted its weekly services. Pastor Chou Chih Ming from Taiwan was Pastor of the NTC from May 1971 to 1974. He left in 1974 to pastor the Church of Kuching (Sarawak). Pastor John Tsuei En Ting from Taiwan took over as Church Pastor from 1974 to 1977.  The Church is very grateful to Pastor John Tsuei for his contributions during this period. We will always remember him for his pastoral care and love.

Upon the expiry of its lease, the NTC moved from Cavan Road to a rented bungalow at 81 Branksome Road for the period May 1975 to Jan 1979. After Pastor Chou returned to Singapore in June 1977, he resumed pastorship of the Church until he was taken home to be with the Lord on 20 Apr 2010 at the age of 83. Pastor Chou had served a total of 36 years as Pastor of this Church. ECOS is very grateful for the contributions Pastor Chou had made to the Church. We thank God for His grace that enabled him to serve right up to the end.


Late Pastor Chou cutting a large cake

Change of Name

The Church moved from Branksome Road to another rented bungalow at 19 Frankel Avenue in Feb 1979. It was there for 4 years until Jan 83. In Jan 1982, NTC officially changed its name to Emmanuel Church of Singapore (ECOS) following approval from the Registry of Societies. This marked a new chapter in the history of the Church and a step forward in our walk with the Lord as a Body of Christ. We could see the blessing of God upon His Church.

Permanent Place of Worship

In Feb 1983, ECOS moved to its present permanent Church premises at #04-04, Association Building. The Lord made the purchase possible with the freewill offerings from members of the church and a commercial loan which was repaid in 1995. It was God’s special grace upon ECOS as this 99 years leasehold premises has official BCD approval for it to be used as a church. It was also exempted from Annual Property Tax. ECOS has finally found a place it could proudly call its own after renting and moving from one place to another for almost 13 years. To celebrate God’s goodness to the Church, ECOS held its Thanksgiving cum Dedication Service for the new premises on Sunday 26 June 1983.


An Event held in Unit #04-04

Purchase of 2nd Premises

In April 1999, ECOS purchased another unit #04-06 on the same floor of Association Building from Changi Methodist Church. At the Thanksgiving cum Dedication Service for the new premises on Sunday, 12 Sep 99, the Church unveiled its new logo comprising a blue cross with an ascending dove and the word “Emmanuel” meaning “God with us”. We thank God for His presence in our midst.


Use of New Premises

Following the purchase of #04-06, ECOS uses this unit for its Adult Sunday Worship Service and the other unit #04-04 for its Children Sunday School Service. This contributed to the further growth of the church as we now have separate premises for both the adults and the children of the Church. Brother Joel Yu Kong Long served briefly as a FTPS from Apr 1999 to Mar 2001. The Church is grateful for his contributions during his 2-year service as FTPS.

ECOS Mission

In 2000, the Church started the first of our series of ECOS Mission. We had ECOS Mission 2000 – 2003 for a 4 year period. There was a 1 year pause before we launched ECOS Mission 2005-2007 over the next 3 years. The objectives of these 7 Missions were to encourage our members to grow in their relationship with God through daily prayer and bible reading, attending church services and serving actively in the Church. Members were also encouraged to build witnessing into their lives and bring new-comers to the Church. The results were very encouraging and by His grace, we met the targets for most of the Missions.

Purchase of 3rd Premises

In 2003, ECOS purchased another unit #04-03 at the same floor for the use as our Church Office. Two of our own members also responded to the call to serve as FTPS of ECOS within the next 2 years. Sister Teh Chin Chin joined as FTPS in Mar 2003 and Brother Tay Cheng Hwee in Jan 2004. With the new Church Office, we are blessed with a proper Meeting Room, Prayer Room, Pastoral Staff Office and a spacious hall which could be used for group meetings. We also thank God for leading Brother Tee Hock Seng, one of our Church Trustees, to leave his secular job to become a Full-time Itinerant Preacher of ECOS in 2005.

1st Church Camp

In 2005, we had our first Church Camp for the 1st time in 15 years. It was held in Malacca in Dec 05 with the theme “Building a Christ-like Family”. We thank God for using annual Church Camps to progressively build up our faith in the Lord.

40th Church Anniversary

In 2010, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary of ECOS at Blissed Garden Restaurant. Many old members of ECOS turned up and we had a good time of worship & fellowship. We give all glory to God for all that He has done for us. Ever since the 40th Anniversary Celebration, the church planned to celebrate our Church Anniversary in an external venue every 5 years.

Way Ahead

We thank God for all the blessings that He has showered on ECOS. We look forward to build on the foundation that has be laid for ECOS through God Grace and to be a disciple in Christ Jesus.